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Battery Widget Reborn

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Common Questions


Q: Widget stopped working/Widgets is sometimes not updating. What is wrong?

A: Please make sure:

Q: I don't see Battery Widget Reborn in the list of widgets...

A: Please check these:

Q: Android Market says that app is not compatible with my device although free version is...

A: There may be a lot reasons. Please check these:

Q: I'm owner of the license via Play Store (former Android Market) but app says that license verification failed....

A: This is rare situation that may happen:

If nothing of solutions above does help you can try:

Please contact us in case app is still not working and we refund your payment. Sorry for inconvenience.

Q: Flight Mode does not work on Android 4.2 and later

A: Flight mode does not work on Android 4.2 because Google disabled API for it. There NO WAY how to bring this functionality back if you have Android 4.2 or later. We are working on update that fill reflect the change in API and will disable all radios that is possible (WiFi, Bluetooth, Background Sync, NFC, EDGE/3G data, ...). Only radio that can't be turned off is GSM/CDMA module. Sorry for that.

Feature requests

Q: Can be app moved to SD card?

A: According Google's specification (see widget applications can't be moved to SD card. Sorry for that.

Q: Is it possible to remove/replace system battery icon?

A: We are sorry but this is not technically possible. Left side of the notification area is dedicated for apps and right side is dedicated for apps.

Q: Is it possible to add more colors of notification icon? Can it be configurable?

A: We are sorry but all notification icons needs to be pregenerated in the time of build of the application. It is not possible to add them during app runtime so you can't customize their look and colors. Sorry for that.

Q: I run custom ROM on my phone and your app does not work properly

A: We are sorry but there are thousands custom ROMs around the world and we are not able to support them. If app does not work on unstable version of the ROM please report this to the ROM creator. We can refund your payment if app does not work as excpected but we will not debug what is wrong on unstable ROM. This is not economical for us. Sorry for that.

Common Questions

Q: Why application needs internet access

A: There are two reasons why app needs internet access:

In final version both features could be disabled in settings.

Q: Why app needs WiFi, Bluetooth and Sync settings and other permissions?

A: Widget also contains power saving functionality that allows you to control power related phone features like WiFi, Bluetooth, Background Synch and Flight Mode. This is the reason why it needs so much permissions. Please see permissions explained document for detailed explanation of all permissions required by app.

Q: Why battery widget needs Camera permissions?

A: App needs Camera permissions because of Torch functionality. App needs access to Camera hardware to be able to use Camera's LED as torch. Visit permissions explained page to get detailed description of every persmission.

Q: Does Motorola Hack drain my battery faster?

A: This app does NOT drain your battery. But as you get much more information about battery draining as before you feel that it is fast. In fact battery is draining by 1% every a few minutes of active usage. But before it jumped from 80% to 70% after eg. 10 or 15 minutes now you see 5% capacity decrease quiet quickly. This is NOT caused by my app but by your active usage of the phone. If you don't trust me, simply turn your phone into airplane mode during the night and see how much your phone drained your battery. It will be just a few percents.

Q: I was using Beta for a while and then decided to buy Pro. Why PRO version is missing some features?

A: PRO is usually a few hours/days delayed as it needs to be carefully tested. Once beta considered stable then Pro flavor is updated as well. Don't worry you will get the same set of features sooner or later.

Q: What is difference between Free/BETA version and Paid?

A: In fact there is no free version. There is BETA version that is intended for testing of new features. If you use it you have no guarantee that new version will not break anything (although it usually does not happen). Also BETA program is limited in time and will be ended soon.

Buy pro if you want to:

Q: How to turn off notification in status bar?

A: Uncheck checkbox called Battery Notification In Status Bar on this screen:

Q: Battery widget stucks at 75%

A: You most likely added application icon instead of widget. Please follow instructions on this video to add your widget properly:

Q: I uninstalled app but notification is still there...

A: It is not possible that any app's notificaiton survives uninstall. If you are sure that you uinstalled app but you still see notification then it is most likely some other app that is mimicking Battery Widget Reborn's notification. If you are on Android 4.x you can perform long press on notification and context menu with action 'Display Application Info' appear. Pick this action and check what app sent this notification.

Q: Screen is locked when I'm trying to add widget...

A: This is mysterious issue happening mostly on HTC phones (We suspect that it is somehow connected to HTC Sense). We are not able to reproduce this issue but in most cases it disappears as it appeared.

One user suggested this procedure to get rid of this issue:

Please share more info if you find cause of this issue and/or more information about the issue.