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Battery Widget Reborn


APP REVIEW: Battery Widget Reborn @

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Even though this app has the tag Beta on it, Battery Widget Reborn is completely solid and has not failed on me once. Its design is really crisp and clear, with everything clearly laid out and a breeze to navigate around.

The best part of the app (IMO) is on 4.1 it supports expandable notifications and is one of the first apps I have seen to do this! It looks absolutely gorgeous as you can see below.

REVIEW: Battery Widget Reborn (BETA) @ Holo Everywhere

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When it comes to battery widgets, generally the prevaling questions are "Does it look good?" and "Does it function well?" and thankfully this application does not compromise on either.

The app looks fantastic and is very cleanly designed, all while closely following the Android Design Guidelines. Despite the application's "Beta" tag, the app seems solid and works great.

[Hands On] 'Battery Widget Reborn' Is An Elegant, Holo-Themed Battery Widget That Packs A Ton Of Info @ Android Police

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While the app is still currently listed as "beta," it's quite polished and seemingly bug-free. That, combined with the fantastic price of free (for now, anyway - the final version will be a paid app), makes this a must-have widget for everyone who likes to keep track of their battery (read: everyone).

Battery Widget Reborn (Beta) Limited time @

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There is not many apps that get me excited, never mind developers but, Tomas Hubalek and his apps just work for me. This time limited app works really well.

Battery Widget Reborn (Beta) für Android-Smartphones @ Mobiflip

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